What is 100 Women Who Care?


How it works!

  • Meetings are one hour in length with a 1/2 hour cocktail before.
  • Each Member commits to donating $100 per meeting on a quarterly basis ($400 annually).  
  • Members bring a blank check to be written out directly to the selected charity.  If a member is unable to attend a meeting she may give her check to another Member to deliver on her behalf to act as a Proxy Vote  or she may mail it in before/after the meeting.
  • Members will submit their nomination at the beginning of each meeting and be ready to make a five minute presentation at the meeting to the members about such charity.   Three charity submissions will be randomly drawn at the meeting of which the presenters will then have time to make their five minute presentation.  
  • Only Members who have signed a Commitment Form  and are current on their contributions may submit a charity for consideration. 
  • Only Members who are current in their contributions are eligible to vote at meetings.
  • A Q&A session will take place immediately following the three presentations and directly preceding Member voting. 
  • Each Member will vote by ballot - the majority rules.  Even if your choice does not win, all Members are responsible for writing a check to the winning charity. 
  • If a Member presents for a particular charity that is not chosen, the Member is still eligible to submit that same charity at subsequent meetings or until such charity is chosen.  If a Member's charity is chosen, that charity is not eligible to be considered again for 2 full years.  However, the Member is still eligible to submit the name of another charity.
  • In the case of a two-way tie the membership will be provided with the names of the two charities and a second vote will be taken.  If the second vote results in another tie then the we will randomly pick one of the two charities name out of a hat.  In the case of a three-way tie we will randomly pick one of the three names out of a hat.
  • The winning charity must agree not to use the names of the Members for future solicitations or give member information out for any other public use or purpose.  The charity is also required to send a representative to the next meeting to explain to the Membership how the funds have been used.